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Yoga Retreats

What we can count on gaining from our yoga practice is a quieter mind — somehow the heaviness and jumpiness vanish — TKV Desikachar



The Yoga Process offers yoga retreats throughout the year. They are  either day-long or half-day retreats at a location in or around Greystones, Co Wicklow. 

The yoga exercises will be gentle, focussed on the breath and taught according to the tradition of TKV Desikachar. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and no experience of yoga is required. As well as gentle exercise and breath work we will work with Yoga Nidra . Yoga Nidra is an ancient, evidence based yoga technique mentioned in the Upanishads and Vedic scriptures. It is usually done lying down in a comfortable position. The aim of this day is relieve tiredness and feelings of stress leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.

Yoga retreats are arranged to cater for people who find it difficult to attend the weekly classes or individual sessions, or who would just like to take a break to immerse themselves in yoga practice for a whole or half day. As a support to the day some elements from yoga philosophy will mentioned  while you practice.

The half day retreats will start at 10.00am with gentle asana, pranayama and mindfulness practices. Then after a short tea break we can continue with a Yoga Nidra practice and mediation until 1pm.

As well as yoga retreats, I also offer weekly group yoga classes and individual yoga therapy.